vendredi 21 juillet 2017

Donetsk: a report about a canine search team detecting explosive devices

Today, on Wednesday, the 19th of July, in Donetsk there took place a meeting between the media and a team of cynologists specializing in the search of bombs, explosive devices and mines. The meeting was organised in one of Donetsk schools in Kuybishevski district located in the north of Donetsk.

The symbiosis between the members making up this canine team seems to be a perfect match. The accordance and the professionalism immediately caught my sight during our meeting with this unity of man and animal.

As soon as the introduction was done, the duties could be performed. The canine team examined Donetsk school № 64 for a routine search of bombs.

Having searched the inner school yard, the team undertook the task in one of the classrooms.

Once the inspection of the classroom was finished, we made our way towards Leninskiy district which is located in the south of the city.
This time the duties were focused on the search of mines and explosive devices placed on the road curbs, and the team looked for the devices that can turn out to be particularly dangerous during their explosion.

The reality has cruelly reminded us about the month of April, 2017, when the explosion of the mine killed an OSCE observer in Lugansk Peoples’ Republic. Link 

 Two guardians of the day: as committed as professionals.
How many lives were saved yesterday, how many today and how many will be saved tomorrow thanks to their work? I also want to pay tribute to this team which combines the animal’s flair with the composure and professionalism of the man in the search of deadly devices laid…by other men.
To both finish and underline the incredible work being carried out by the teams that search for the mines and do the mine clearing in Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) the following should be mentioned: in the period from Saturday, July, 8th to Friday, July, 14th they have neutralized 723 explosive devices (mines, bombs, etc.) ! DAN NEWS 

Here is a small video about this day in the company of this incredible team  

Sébastien Hairon, an independent French volunteer in Donetsk (DPR)

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